Belington Fire Department
Volunteer since 1939
First Fire Department was Enterprise Hose Company, First unit was a horse drawn hose cart 1900, equipped with a reel with hose, one nozzle, 0ne axe and wrench if the fire was close and they were able to connect a hose to the water supply they were in luck.
First motorized unit was a 1939 Ford open cab manufactured by the Oren company, with a 150 gallon tank and a 250 GPM Pump.
That unit was replaced in 1952 with a new pumper equipped with a 500 GPM Pump and 500 gallons of water. When that unit was purchased all the members cared about or wanted was a piece of equipment that had a cab.
1963 another Ford pumper equipment with a 500 GPM pump and 500 gallons of water was purchased, on this purchased the members not only wanted something with a cab but also a heater. *See note below
1970 the 52 Ford was replaced with an International pumper 750  GPM pump and 750 gallons of water.
1974 the first mini-pumper manufactured by Pierce  was purchased it was replaced in 1986, and in 2001 it was replaced with mid-size 4x4 International rescue/pumper equipped with a 500 GPM pump and 500 gallons of water.
1987 a International pumper manufactured by pierce was purchased to replace the 1970 International pumper, and is still in use today.
1998 the first custom pumper in the history of the Belington Fire Department was purchased from pierce manufacturing, equipped with a 1500 GPM pump and 1000 gallons of water.
All fire trucks were red till 1974 when the mini-pumper was purchased, it was chrome yellow from that day forward all new purchases  has been that color.
The first sets of personal protective gear ¾ length boots, long rubber coats, and helmets were purchased, there was 10 sets and when there was a fire call who every got there first got the gear, today every member is equipped with their own personal set of turn out gear.
In 1939 the Belington Volunteer Fire Department was founded Will send you a copy of the charter.
1981 the 63 Ford was replaced with a White 1000 GPM pump and 1000 gallons of water.
Today there is 30 members in the BVFD a total 100% volunteer FD

During the purchase of the 1963 pumper due to financial reasons several members of the BVFD put their personal homes up to secure the loan to purchase the new pumper.